The European Responsible Care® Awards 2021

Submit your showcase by 30th June 2021

Each year, the Responsible Care® Awards recognise outstanding and innovative work among chemical companies and federations on their journey towards safe chemicals management and performance excellence.  

Four categories to show industry commitment to support the crisis

Following the “Caring in COVID-19 times” awards programme launched in 2020, this year, we will continue to show the industry’s commitment to support during the crisis; by caring for the mental health of company employees or accelerating the production of medical devices, while also recognising projects that support climate neutrality, circularity, resource efficiency and more!   

Supporting health in COVID-19 times

responsible care Awards 2021 - Category supporting-health covid

Initiatives that demonstrate the industry’s continued support to protect the health of workers and the community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. i.e. those that support mental health of company employees or accelerate the production of medical devices. Special recognition will be given to initiatives that embrace digitalisation.  

Ecosystem preservation

responsible care Awards 2021 - Category Ecosystem preservation

Initiatives that demonstrate industry efforts to preserve the ecosystem towards achieving zero pollution i.e. sustainable use of resources by optimising production processes, managing water efficiency, improving logistics (reducing wastes, pollutants and GHG emission, minimise transport routes), preventing and minimising waste. Includes initiatives that protect, conserve and enhance the ecosystems for the (surrounding) communities. Special recognition will be given to initiatives that embrace digitalisation. 

Climate Change and Energy

responsible care Awards 2021 - Category climate change energy 2

Initiatives that demonstrate that energy efficiency is improvinggreenhouse gas emissions are being reduced, including across the value chain, and show the company implements measures to support the transition to a sustainable society. Special recognition will be given to initiatives that embrace digitalisation. 

Safe and Sustainable

responsible care Awards 2021 - Category Safe and Sustainable

Initiatives that demonstrate how the chemical industry strives for safe and circular products; showcasing innovative chemicals, materials and efforts that are safe and sustainable from design, production to end of life and reuse. Special recognition will be given to initiatives that embrace digitalisation.

Discover last year’s winners

  • Solvay – Chemical Safety Award
  • Kemira Oyj – Environmental Responsibility Award
  • Neste Oyj – Sustainable Workplace Award
  • essenscia – National Associations Award